Learning to Learn Again and Loving It!!!

When I was in highschool we did not have access to the internet yet. Looking up definitions back then consisted of physically getting up and in my freshmen year of highschool class there was a giant book in the corner of the class room. The Webster’s New World Dictionary. The teacher would give us a list of words that we was to memorize for friday’s spelling and definition’s tests. I love the dictionary, growing up I would look up random words for the fun of it. Guess I am just a “NERD” at heart!!! I remember a conversation I had with one of my uncle’s, the year was 1992 and he told me that one day people would be able to make an order online and have it shipped to there home. I did not have a clue what he was talking about.

Today most of us just use google’s famous search box that we all have come to know and use. Since most everyone has a smart phone now days it is much easier for us to type in what we want a definition for. Although now instead of just finding a plain text definition in a book sitting in the classroom for everyone to share. We can do a search where each letter that is typed in starts giving us results.

“Live search has many benefits compared to traditional searching:”

  • Results are shown as you type
  • Results narrow as you continue typing
  • If results become too narrow, remove characters to see a broader result

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” “All things are difficult before they are easy.”


Everything changes that is a fact of life. We need to adapt to our new way of life, because if not you will get left behind. We do not need to reinvent the wheel. We only need to optimize, our way of thinking. Learning to learn again We no longer need to blow the dust off of a giant over weight book to look up a definition for a specific term. What we should be implementing are different methods of learning. An example of what I am talking about will help get my point across. Four months ago I did not know how to create a CSS3 styling sheet file for my HTML5 file and using hyperlinks to connect the two different files so they can come together to create the document object a simple or dynamic website or page.

It’s not that the old ways of learning are bad they are what got us to this point, its just we have more efficient and valuable time saving methods that are exponentially increasing our ability to learn and retain what we learn.

We now make a request to a server to process our (‘Query/Question’)HTTPRequests for what ever we can imagine is possible is possible.We are not only looking up a single word at a time we are searching databases of information with the stroke of one single keypress or click of our keyboard or mouse. Our tools for doing research have change drastically, for the better in my opinion. If I would have had a smart phone in highschool I would like to think that my grades would have been at least a little bit better than what they where.

PHP – AJAX Live Search

Today when we use our google search bar you are getting a live search, where you get search results while you type!!!

How awesome is that you not only get live results while you type you get multiple results for one single letter. Our old way of looking it up in a physical dictionary are gone another example of this is the phonebook when is the last time you needed to use a phonebook.


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